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On August 19, a large group of heavily armed Framingham police thugs came to my house along with two thugs of the Department of Children and Families and deliberately trespassed on my property.

Within 5 minutes, they had kidnapped the two children under my care and no one showed me a warrant, court order or any document showing that they had some authority to kidnap children while armed.

Having a badge does not in any way confer any extra rights such as the kidnapping of children off my yard.

I would like a hearing before a state judge so (s)he could explain to me as though I were a five year old, how the Commonwealth can use brute force to kidnap two children off my property without a warrant of any kind and without warning. I want the legal rational for ignoring the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constition, not to mention due process in the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments.

Under no circumstances do I want our Clerk Of Courts, John Deluca as a magistrate to hear this request. John Deluca has shown me clear judicial bias and would never under any circumstances allow a criminal complaint against a police officer to go forward, even if I were shot in the back ten times.

The notion that John Deluca cannot even read anymore is a testament to the total corruption and sheer stupidity of the Framingham courts. He should retire right away. What next, having employees who cannot talk?

In the meantime, until someone shows me a court order with a judge's identifiable signature, that gave them judicial authority to conduct this kidnapping, I will be filing charges against all parties involved.

MGL-265 Section 26 Kidnapping

MGL-266 Section 120 trespassing

MGL-265 Section 37 Violation of constitutional rights

I am asking that the first justice of the Southern Middlesex Court. judge David W. Cunis sit in this magistrate's hearing so that he can hear for himself that BS that comes out of the despicable idiot John Deluca's mouth.

All I really want a warrant or court order or any document showing that children may be kidnapped off my lawn by armed police officers.

Police log entry, 20150819

One or more felonies (with notice) Arrest status of accused
Has not been arrested

Hearing with notice to accused

Complainant Type
Citizen complaint

Address of Offenders
1 William Welch Way
Framingham, MA 01702

Address of Complainant
65 Delmar Avenue
Framingham, MA 01701

Complaint Type

Place of offense
65 Delmar Ave 01701

Offense Date
August 19, 2015

Framingham Police

OConnell, Paul D., 228

Teel, Christopher W., 310

Sibilio, Robert W, Jr., 284

Gatlin, Tim,

Fuer, Richard, 303

Loughman, Michael, 210

Krishtal, Val J., 263

Wareham, Harry, 254

Ferguson, Ken, 128

Ricardo W. Cano
Dept of Children and Family
300 Howard Street
Framingham, MA 01702

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