Paul Dawley, David Cunis, Michael Fabbri
If you white out the ties, they look like three priests.

I am a staunch atheist. I do not believe that any respect or deference is owed to any person, regardless of their social position, who demonstrates willful ignorance and unjustifiable intransigence by continuing to believe in the nonsense and absurdity of any god's existence.

If you've been around the sun thirty times and still believe in a god, then you're objectively stupid. Actually you're just stone cold fucking batshit Hindenberg crazy stupid. Period.

Willful ignorance and Unjustifiable Intransigence
is the essence of Irredeemable Stupidity.

There goes your independent judgment and critical thinking. Why do I think this, you ask? Because

  1. gods don't exist (particularly three-headed gods) ,
  2. Satan and demons do not exist ,
  3. angels don't exist,
  4. Heaven doesn't exist,
  5. Morality does not come from a burning bush,
  6. Bushes do not talk,
  7. Hell doesn't exist,
  8. souls do not exist,
  9. Adam and Eve never existed,
  10. man was not made from dirt and a god's breath ,
  11. woman was not made from a man's rib ,
  12. snakes don't talk ,
  13. our DNA has no traces of Original Sin
  14. magical trees do not exist,
  15. people don't turn to salt ,
  16. seas don't part ,
  17. Sticks don't turn into snakes and back into sticks ,
  18. the Exodus never happened,
  19. You can't extract water from a rock using magical sticks
  20. Moses never existed,
  21. the 10 Commandments never existed,
  22. the earth doesn't stop rotating,
  23. a worldwide flood never happened ,
  24. people simply do not live for 600 years,
  25. asses don't talk (Numbers 22:21-38) ,
  26. whales don't run hotels ,
  27. virgins don't give birth,
  28. communion wafers do not magically turn into the body of Jesus
  29. water cannot turn into wine ,
  30. Circumcision is barbaric ,
  31. Slavery is not acceptable! .
    Is your incarceration gulag an acceptable replacement?
  32. people don't walk on water ,
  33. dead people don't come back to life,
  34. killing unbelievers shows black unrestrained hatred (Deutoronomy 13)
  35. Stars will not fall on the earth ,

When you apply logic and reason to everything in life, and just turn it off because it's your religion, you're being stone cold fucking batshit stupid. Period.

This is not just normal stupid. This is advanced stupid.

This is moronic and indefensible and constitutes iredeemable stupidty that should question the authority of their position and inspire a sea of doubt about their suitability for their position

David Cunis once told me
The burden of proof rests exclusively with the Commonwealth and it is a strict and heavy burden. The burden of proof is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

These three live everyday with proof beyond a reasonable doubt of their non-existent mythical three-headed god . They're not full of shit? Just anal retentive.

These people are a disgrace to the human species.

We actually allow these morons to judge us in any capacity, when they clearly and unambiguously show us their idiocy and inability to deal with objective reality. A preoccupation with the next world clearly shows an inability to cope credibly with this one.

They suffer from diminished mental capacity.

Basically, they are stone cold fucking nuts, and they are not qualified to be judges in our courts. The Governor's Council should have a questionaire to disqualify these religious fanatics.

Mental stupidity should disqualify them.

Before they get to infatuated with themselves, they need to be reminded of the following:

  1. every atom in their brain are 99.9999% empty space.
  2. DNA shows they are 98.7% chimps and 50% banana.
  3. they are merely quivering, living, breathing, dreaming, thinking, speaking, fornicating, urinating, defacating, decaying biodegradable multicellular meat popscicles. ,
  4. they take a shit the same way I do (presumably).
  5. they are idiotic victims of group think

Wherever these idiots go, they are encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with them like flies on a summer day. One of these convictions is their attitude towards women .

The true depths of their religiosity can be measured by whether they have been circumcised . Do they have a covenant with the god creature? I think they should be required to show their penis to every defendant.
Do they celebrate the Feast of the Circumcision ? If not, they are apostates:-).

We must wonder if any of these three men were abused by priests when they were in their prepubescent years.

This Catholic Sharia club shares these really interesting and esoteric beliefs .

Here are 3,000+ reasons showing Christianity is false but these pinheads have yet to find one.

As evolution deniers , the concept of evolution is anathema to them.

These idiots see no harm in religion . Bullshit!

Rule 3.6 Affiliation with Discriminatory Organizations
A judge shall not hold membership in any organization that practices invidious discrimination.

Have you ever seen a female, LBGT, Muslim, Hindu or atheist in the ranks of Catholic bishops, archbishops, cardinals or Pope?

All three practice cannibalism in a religious context . Over the years, how many times have these idiots been on their knees eating Jesus crackers, in holy communion with an imaginary creature. Are they full of shit or just anal retentive? Perhaps, the Jesus crackers have way too much fiber.

It sounds absurd, but just remember, if you regularly consume the blood and flesh of a demigod in a room full of chanting elders you're not allowed to call other religions primitive and evil.

One might suspect these idiots took one too many MinusIQ pills .

They all accept the infallibility of their god's emmisary on earth , a one-lung elderly maladjusted virgin. .

Their very favorite symbol is an imaginary idiot nailed to a torture device (a cross). .

If you read the mythical Jesus's story carefully, Jesus apparently fucked his own 14 year old mother to in order to give birth to himself. You just gotta love that Holy Trinity shit .

When one of these idiot judges testifies during a defendant's competency hearing, the idiot judge shall wear a cone-shaped hat that is not less than two feet tall. The surface of the hat shall be imprinted with stars and lightning bolts. Additionally, an idiot judge shall be required to don a white beard that is not less than 18 inches in length and shall punctuate crucial elements of his testimony by stabbing the air with a wand. Whenever an idiot judge provides expert testimony regarding a defendant's competency, the bailiff shall contemporaneously dim the courtroom lights and administer two strikes to a Chinese gong

Note punishment for Blasphemy ( MGL-272 Section 36 ) only 324 years ago.
They wanted to shove a hot poker thru my tongue.

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