Michael L Fabbri
77 Shore Rd
Ashland, MA 01721 (508) 881-5986

Wife: Karri, daughter Katelyn, sons Nicolas and Peter

Fabbri graduated from Framingham State College in 1980 and from Northeastern University Law School in 1983.

Fabbri served with the United States Air Force from 1972 to 1976 as a missile electronic technician and trainer.

Michael L. Fabbri: Governor's Council Questionaire

Michael L. Fabbri: Resume

If you think a man who has spent over 25 years as a prosecutor is going to stop prosecuting and be a fair judge, you have to be an idiot. You can't change a leopard's spots. Even the police are all psyched about his ascendancy. As a prosecutor, you start with the assumption that the person you are prosecuting is guilty. Why else would you prosecute? Over time, you just know that black people seem to be more guilty than white people.

A prosecutor starts with the premise that the defendant is guilty. Why else would you prosecute him?

Presumption of innocence? Nonsense!
Any reasonable doubt? Bullshit!

In my humble opinion, he can realistically be regarded as an extreme sociopath, whose depraved, grotesque pattern of prosecutorial behavior is beyond rehabilitation.

August 24, 2020
Had an interesting encounter with Fabbri. He used the "so help you God" oath so I can safely assume he's a moron and believes in God.

It's breathtaking to meet another man around 60 years old that believes in the absurdity of religion . It's depressing to know that grown men can firmly believe in things that simply do not exist! . The sad part is that he gets paid around $160,000 a year.

I did not have to appear but I came merely to supply the court with a document that has another variation of Ernest's story line.

I also called out my accuser as total bullshit and Fabbri chided me for this. Fabbri would not say that if we were at Dunkins, but in his little court where he has armed guards, he likes to play power. In so many other words, he does not believe in free speech as long as you are in his authoritarian court. He took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. First amendment? What's that all about? What's Article VI all about? . Fabbri has no idea.

It's one of those power plays judges use to pretend that they are superior to you in their court (only), but you just know that he takes a shit the same way we all do. Taking a shit is the great equalizer amongst men. Also take note of the black judicial robes. I guess he could have added a big whig to make him look more awesome. Perhaps a couple of blinky lights on his nipples?

The court officer also cried out for us to stand when Fabbri comes in. Fabbri finds it necessary that everyone is at attention when he strolls into his court so we can all pay attention to his greatness. All hail to the chief! I'm surprised he doesn't make us kneel before him.

Of course judges demand that they be referenced as Your honor although I do not know where along their lives, they became more honorable than the average schmuck. We should be contented that he does not refer to himself as Lord Of The Realm.

I did take note of the prosecutorial zeal in his eyes based on what he focused on.. Me! It seemed obvious to me.
His deep set eyes, shining with evil brilliance.

Here we have over 3,000 reasons why Christianity is false and his razor sharp inquisitive nature has yet to find one.
I tell you, that boy is about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.

Anyone who consumes Jesus crackers is a bit funny in the head.

Any judge who has consumed Jesus crackers is stone cold fucking insane.

Your intelligence is measured by those around you. If you spend your days with idiots, you seal your own fate.

Paul Dawley, David Cunis, Michael Fabbri
If you white out the ties, they look like three priests.

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